Saturday, November 9, 2013

Project Life: September 2 - 15 w/ Polka Dot Party mini kit

So the last spread I did, I focused on only using the Cut&Paste Project Life mini kit. This time I mainly used the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party mini kit. The only exception are the first and last cards of the spread where I used cuts from different 12x12 sheets. I also used some cut outs from the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan line. I didn't really have much to document so I covered 2 weeks in this spread instead of 1.

  Documented: Finally paid off one of my credit cards! Wasted a free Redbox code on a video game rental. When the case came out of the machine, the disk inside was missing and a piece of paper with the barcode was there. My boyfriend went to get a check up after more than 10 years. I included a picture of the cotton ball used after his injection. Gross I know... but it looked like a heart. LOL. Also, bought my dog a new toy that he is absolutely in love with.

Documented: Had to pick up my mom from the train station. She brought me one of my favorite foods- Meringues! Boyfriend and I wanted to be a little adventurous and try Indian food. We ended up getting a selection of desserts at a local restaurant. Some were delish and other were yech. Currently taking a speech class and had my first presentation. I have a fear of public speaking and was surprised that I did so well. Lastly, my boyfriend got a new toy.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Project Life: August 5-11 using only Cut & Paste mini kit

I'll be completely honest. One of the things I love (and my wallet hates) about this hobby is all the lovely things there are to buy. It's so easy to go a little crazy when in your head you can justify every pretty little thing. Every piece of paper, sticker, or embellishment has so many possibilities. So, when the Project Life mini kits by Amy Tangerine, Maggie Holmes and Dear Lizzy came out, I bought them all. I may have bought two sets of the Dear Lizzy and Amy Tangerine ones. :p

I wanted to try something different for this week.I've been using different cards from different collections and manufacturers in my spreads. I wanted to try to use just one collection and for this week I chose the Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Edition of Project Life. I like how it turned out. Using one kit saved me time too, since I wasn't flipping through all the hundreds of cards I have.

Another thing I tried is to print directly onto my journaling cards.I wanted to include the QR code and the map of my walk but was having a hard time figuring out how I would add them. It was actually very easy. I also love that it reduces the bulk by not having to add extra layers.

Documented: Gorgeous sunset./ Went over to my friend's house twice this week with intentions of exercising and ended up just laying about the house ( ~ . ~ ). Blurred image of her sleeping out of respect and love :).   I love using QR codes to add little videos of special moments. / Hobby Lobby opened up near my house. / Went to court just for it to be rescheduled again. / Spontaneous 7 mile walk fiasco.

Documented: Quick family trip to Reno for Hot August Nights. We didn't really participate in the festivities like the car show since we were so tired. We rested for most of it, but went out later to gamble. Wrote about some of the new penny games that we liked. Stopped at Cabela's before going home, so my boyfriend could take a look. It was huge. My favorite memory was when my mom realized that she left her right shoe in Reno. LOL. It must have slipped off her foot when getting in the car and she was too distracted to notice.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Life: July 15-21

Documented: This week we celebrated both of my dads' birthdays. I also spoke with Jean about all the things related to the court case and how she's doing. Learned some interesting in school about breathing and documented a visit I made to one of my best friends. As usual, I took lots of pictures of her son. He is just too cute. Also, was able to use a QR code to add a link to video clips of the day.

Documented: I absolutely loved my lab partner. A little note of how we celebrated my step-dad's birthday and documented the gift we gave him ( a nook). Also, moved from our upstairs bedroom to a room downstairs since it had been so hot. My dad has diabetes and always worries that I will get it, so I did a check and had normal levels. The last card documents a surprise kiss that I got from my friend's son.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Project Life: July 8-14

Documented: School lab sessions/ Healthy Food Haul/ Older sister wants me to cancel timeshare presentation for her because she's scared - CUTE!/ Dragonfly sighting/ Bail hearing

Documented: Visiting friends/ Teacher accidentally said "Penis allergy" instead of peanut allergy/ Late night walk/ Happy Mail from Webster's Pages

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Project Life: July 1-7

Oh dear...I've just started Project Life and I'm already behind. :)  For me, I found that documenting the week is way different than covering a trip. Still enjoying the process all the same.

Documented: Playtime w/ lil J/ Late night swim/ Frog dissection in lab/ First day of court

Documented: Vitamin D is amazing/ Heat wave - it was crazy hot/ July 4 activities - family lunch, swimming and fireworks, Visiting J and Lil' J/ Horrible service @ BJs/ Evil Dead/ 2nd court hearing  

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project Life: Chicago Trip (Feb 12)

       After months of buying and buying things, I finally made something. Woo-hoo! This is my first time scrapbooking so I thought that I would start by choosing a specific event and start there. I ended up  documenting a recent trip I took to Chicago with a friend. Here's what I came up with
Day 1: Finding out my friend forgot her interview suit and going back to get it/ Getting early seating on Southwest!/4 hour flight/ First time in Chicago

Day 2: Crazy Taxi Ride/Waiting for Liz to finish her interview/ Deep Dish pizza @ Gino's East - not for me/ Walls were filled with graffiti - so thick made me feel icky (would've liked to add my name tho) Cold enough to see your breath


Day 2 - Night
Documented: Navy Pier was closed/ therapist looking statue/ Beignets @ Grand Lux/ COLD weather/ Giving Liz my scarf since she forgot hers

Day 3 Documented: Lake Michigan is AH-MAHZING/ Walking 2.8 miles/ Fountain from Married with Children "Oh AL!"
My favorite shot of Lake Michigan
Made a flap under photo with 2.8 mi caption - Used pearl to mark highlights and the path we took with rub-on red dashes

Day 3 Contd:
Documented: Field Museum fun/ Back to Navy Pier resulted in nothing interesting except free photobooth/ Bar hop until we found Jumbo Jenga/ Tried my first cosmo/ Scribbled our name on blocks


Last Day ( I spelled Millennium wrong in title - have to fix it :p): Documented: Millennium Park/ took lots of pictures with the bean and other sculptures/ went to Walgreens for last minute souvenirs

Pocket for extra pictures

Documented: Stop @ Portillo's Hot dogs for some meaty goodness/ took the CTA to the airport/ horrible Midway airport/ Back Home

      It took me a while to finish documenting the whole trip. My main issue I think was that I was inspired by so many different scrapbookers with different styles that I was a little overwhelmed. Having never done anything like this before, I still needs to find what works for me. As a beginner, I have to remember that others have had a lot more experience than me and its okay if my pages aren't absolutely perfect. So once I finally decided to stop looking and just make something, everything went a lot faster. Very excited to continue using Project Life.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Something more tangible

I take so many pictures and then just tuck them away into folders on my computer. Most of them are never looked at again after that. So now I am opting to try something different. I want to have a more tangible way to remember and share my memories.